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Book Blitz & Giveaway: Mermaids and the Vampires Who Love them by Debra Goelz (Fantasy, Young Adult, Audio)

Mermaids and the Vampires Who Love Them
Debra Goelz

Published by: Hachette Audiobooks
Publication date: October 17th 2017
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
Sixteen-year-old Waverly Fishwater believes that people who act suspicious are asking for her to spy on them. When she eavesdrops on one of her dad’s clandestine meetings, she learns that mermaids are being abducted. Fearing no one else will save them, Waverly swaps her tail for legs and heads to the site of the disappearances, but it doesn’t go as planned. After exposing mermaidkind to humanity, Waverly has to come to terms with leaving the home, friends, and school she loves. For her safety, she must go to a remote boarding school on the California coast.
Waverly discovers her new classmates are from a multitude of supernatural species, including werewolves, fairies, and minor Greek gods. But the bigger problem might be all the mermaid-blood loving vampires, and the fact that the most infuriating one has taken an interest in her already.
She must navigate this weird new world where her class schedule includes time-traveling history, fairy dance, interspecies biology, and sand-sculpting vain gods with rock-hard abs. The biggest letdown is that she still has to take algebra, even though polynomials are not her friends.
Just when she’s starting to fit in, she begins to unravel a dark plot that could destroy the bayside school and the oceans beyond. As she gets close to solving the mystery, the mernapper takes hold of her mind and hides the clues that will piece it together. Waverly is left with the knowledge of one thing: she’s next.
If Waverly is to expose the scheme and take out the mastermind, she’s going to have to rely on the most dubious kind of help-reckless gods, single-minded werewolves, and virtuous fairies. To avoid a supernatural catastrophe, Waverly must rally this eccentric band of heroes, learning to rely on the help of others in order to stay afloat.
Listen to an audio sample here!

Author Bio:
Debra Goelz is a refugee from Hollywood where she served for ten years as a financial executive for such companies as Universal Pictures, Dino de Laurentiis and Jim Henson Productions. Her performing career began and ended with her puppeteering a chicken during the closing scene in "Muppet Treasure Island." After garnering over 9 million on-line reads, her award-winning YA fantasy, "Mermaids and the Vampires Who Love Them," will be published by Hachette audio on October 17, 2017. She lives in a redwood forest in rural Marin County with her husband. Her two children have abandoned her to seek a college education in New York.


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RAPID PULSE: Author Spotlight's The Red Queen by Abyrne Mostyn

Author Spotlight
The Red Queen
Abyrne Mostyn

"Driven to dominate, tempted to sub...trying to do both might just kill her."

A Limited Edition Spicy Romance Collection

~~~ Featuring ~~~

Cowboy Boots & Handcuffs

Not Your Bitch

Wicked For You

Flame of Hunger

Sex is the Best Medicine

Symphony of Night

High-Rise Heat


Kiss and Tell

The Thrill of the Chase

Sleeping in the Dragons Den

Shifter Vigilante

White Lies

Alpha's Surprise Mate

Rise of Silver & Steam

Her King's Kinky Proposal

The Red Queen

Wicked Perfection

Breaking the Rules
(A Menage Romance)

Living A Lie

Promise You


The Constitution

Featuring New York Times, USA Today, and International Bestselling Authors, Rapid Pulse is a sizzling, diverse collection of hetero and same sex romance reads crafted to launch your heartbeat into high gear and drive your senses wild.

This collection's hot and sexy alphas know just how to send your pulse rate rising. Grab something cool and click now to dive in.

Warning: The Rapid Pulse authors are not responsible for damaged pacemakers. Please read responsibly.

"Power and Control live at opposite ends of the whip. Which side are you on?"


Life is like a game of chess, there are pawns and there is royalty. At the end of the game, the last one standing is the Queen. She runs the show. Even the King, though royalty, is her pawn. It’s the price of being the Queen. Or is it?
Introduced in Swingers, we never got more than the Red Queen’s calling card. Margaret is a dominatrix, the master of all that happens around her at all times, but that wasn’t always true. How did she get here?
Her chambers are a playground for things that aren’t talked about in proper, polite circles, but perhaps in hushed whispers. Men and women alike flock to her for her dominion and the exquisite, disparate, ecstasy-torture she delivers as they ride the edge. A BDSM master, she is in demand by those who live the lifestyle, though few know who she is behind her guise. An hourglass in red leather, she never reveals her identity.
Will the walls she has erected keep her from finding her King?


“Do you know how to use that thing, or is it just for show?”
A female voice startled her from her thoughts. As she turned, a toe-headed woman wearing less fabric than Maggie thought she herself had on in her underwear alone was looking her up and down, all but licking her lips. Maggie looked her up and down, took a long swallow of her newly arrived club soda and bit loudly through an ice cube, clicking her teeth together in a tight smile before responding.
“Just how badly do you want to know?”
She surprised herself with what had come out of her mouth, but buried the reaction to hold the bluff. The woman toyed with her hair and tried to up her stare, leaning back to stand with her hip kicked out.
“For you hot stuff? I’ll let you throw at me for free.”
Margaret laughed out loud, finished her drink and set it down with a nod to the bartender for a refill before locking eyes with the woman, crooking and curling her finger for her to come closer. When the woman finally leaned in, Maggie dropped her voice to the low rumbling timber that Thorne used on her.
“Darlin', if you think for a second that I pay anyone for their privilege of feeling my toys, you are sorely mistaken. I didn’t come to court you. Pay up, or shut up and walk away before I give you a freebie. Feel me?”
The woman’s eyes had grown wider with every word Maggie had spoken. By the time she got to ‘freebie’ her pupils were fully dilated. Maggie was glad she had the Cat or the bluff would have been a lost game as the woman pulled money from a pocket in her wrist cuff and handed it to Maggie.
“What will this get me?”
Maggie unfolded two Grants and looked blankly at the woman thinking. She didn’t want to stay all night. Maybe she could change her mind another way. “Tonight? About twenty minutes.”
The woman didn’t flinch. Her breathy response made it clear she was sold even if it had been for five. “Deal.”

About the Author:

Writer/Aspiring Author/Insanity embodied...Abyrne has taken the leap from method roleplay to putting his writing out there with a name to love, hate, loath, crave, resent, or recommend. First published in the 1980′s, he took a long hiatus to put down roots and build a family. Now that his daughters are older, the tide has turned and he can get back to personal interests, spending time pursuing the dreams he put in the closet to support his children.

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Limited Edition
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Book Tour: Love on the Forbidden Side by Mariah Ankenman (Contemporary Romance)

About the Book

Title: Love on the Forbidden Side
Author: Mariah Ankenman
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Assistant District Attorney Julie Ryder plans to hide out at her brother’s ranch house in Peak Town, Colorado after a killer she put away escapes. Hoping for a little peace and quiet, what she gets instead is hot and bothered when she discovers the good sheriff is gone, and his sexy best friend is house-sitting.
FBI agent Liam Graham is on medical leave after a career-jeopardizing injury. He's taking the time to rethink his professional choices while watching his buddy’s place, but he never expected to watch the guy’s sister, too. Julie is a fiery ball of sweet temptation he's been denying himself for years. 
When she finally reveals the real reason for her visit to Peak Town, Liam does everything in his power to keep her safe. But with his focus on protecting her body, Liam fears he may lose his heart.

Author Bio

RWA® Golden Heart® Nominated author Mariah Ankenman began writing at the tender age of five. Her first book “George and the Green Glob” received high praise from her mother. Many years, and green glob stories later, Mariah received a playwriting degree from the University of Wyoming. 
After a few years in Hollywood, working in “the biz,” she came home to the beautiful Rocky Mountains. When she’s not writing Mariah loves to read, crochet, and play her ukulele. She loves to hear from readers.
Social media:

Twitter: @MAsBooks

Buy links:

Book Excerpts

Excerpt 1:

“I told you, Liam. I play by house rules, and this is my house, so my rules.”
He stared her down. “What if someone doesn’t like your rules?”
She shrugged. “I can be flexible. Can you?”
No. Not on this. They weren’t talking about cards or making food. They were talking about something dangerous. Something they both wanted, but he knew he could never have. Friendship was all he could offer Julie, no matter how much more he wanted.
“We have standard fitness tests every six months. Flexibility isn’t a requirement of the FBI.”
Her smile faltered before she burst out laughing. “Oh, Liam. You’re hopeless. Fine, we’ll play by your rules. For now.” She winked. “Go set up the movie. I’ll get the popcorn.”
She moved off to the panty, and he beat a hasty retreat to the sanctity of the living room.
For now.
The words sounded like a threat, a very tempting one. He grabbed the remote, flipping the TV on. Scrubbing one hand down his face, he groaned. How the hell would he survive two weeks alone with this woman? He knew one thing, Ryder’s water heater would be getting zero use. For the next two weeks there would be nothing but cold showers in his future.
The beeping of the microwave echoed from the kitchen. Moments later, Julie came into the room with a bowl of fluffy white popcorn. She sat on the couch, patting the seat next to her.
“Come on FBI man. Time to get our movie on.”
He glanced at the couch—which had never seemed small until this very moment—and the tempting woman sitting on it. A hot flush of sweat broke out all along his body.
Oh yeah, there would be many, many cold showers for the next two weeks.

Excerpt 2:

“I thought I’d head into town after I brush down Wind Chaser.” She patted the horse affectionately on the neck. “Wanna come? We could grab dinner. Maybe catch a movie at the drive in.”
That sounded speciously like a date. Number one on the “things not to do with Julie Ryder” list. His mind brought up an image of her riding again, bouncing up and down—okay, maybe not number one, but it was on there.
Her smile dimmed at his hesitation. “I mean, unless you have other things to do. I’m sorry. I kind of just showed up and usurped your vacation time. You probably had a whole list of things you were planning on doing.”
Yeah, if that list included wallowing in self-pity and trying to figure out his life now that he might not be a field agent. Sure, big fat freaking list.
“No. You didn’t ruin anything. I really just planned on taking it easy.”
The beautiful smile returned, and damned if he wasn’t glad to see it.
“Great! No better way to relax than dinner and a show. Ooooh, and we can stop at the shop for cupcakes.” She winked. “I’m on the “free cupcakes for life” list.”
It still felt like a date, but he was sure she didn’t mean it that way. She might flirt with him jokingly, but that was just her personality. Julie was friendly with everyone. He knew she kind of had a crush on him when they first met, but that was years ago. Now, he was sure she just liked to mess with him. Like cheating at cards and calling it “house rules.” Silly things like that. It was part of the dynamic of their friendship.
“Sounds good. Who can turn down free cupcakes?” Friends went to dinner and movies together all the time. No big deal. That’s all this was—no matter how much the raging hard-on in his pants wished otherwise.
“Just let me brush down Wind Chaser and change.” She tapped her heels against the horse. “I’ll be ready in about an hour.” 
Liam watched the large animal lumber toward the barn. Dinner, movies, and dessert with a woman who tempted him like no other. The very same woman who was so off limits it wasn’t even funny.
“What the hell did I get myself into?”
It was going to be a very, very long night.

Excerpt 3:

Reaching out, she grabbed his hand in hers. “Do I have nightmares every now and then? Yes, who wouldn’t? But I’m okay. I can go to work, run errands, even drive my hog down 225 on a sunny day.”
Eye’s shutting in a wince, he groaned. “Okay, first of all, don’t say hog. You sound ridiculous.”
“I do not! That’s what us bikers call our rides.”
“You’re not in a biker gang. You’re a lawyer who bought a very ill-advised motorcycle in a state that—may I point out—cannot accommodate bipedal vehicles half the year.”
“I like to think of it as half a year of good riding.”
He shook his head. “Optimist.”
“Pessimist,” she shot back with a grin.
He felt his lips curl in an answering grin. This, right here, was why he enjoyed spending time with Julie so much. She had such a playful way of engaging people, such an upbeat attitude. No one could be sad around her; it just wasn’t possible. That’s why it killed him whenever he saw her jubilant spirit torn down.
“Does your brother know about your hog?”
Her gaze narrowed. “No, he does not, and if you tell him, I swear I will strap you down on Wind Chaser and send her on the highest mountain trail I can find.”
“Your secret is safe with me, but for the record, I don’t think you should be riding around on something so dangerous.” The first time she told him of her vehicle purchase he nearly drove up to Aspen to take the thing from her. There was a reason doctors called them donor mobiles. He shuddered, imagining her riding one.
Scratch that. Picturing Julie clad all in leather, straddling a huge, vibrating beast of a bike between her legs did not make him shudder. It made him hot, horny, and frustrated. Knowing what could happen to her on one of those things…that terrified him.
“Ugh, if it were up to you and Jake, I’d never have any fun.”
“We’re just looking out for you. It’s our job.”
Arching one perfectly plucked brow, she leaned forward, invading his personal space. “No, it’s Jake’s job to look after me. He’s my brother. You are—”
“Your brother’s best friend,” he quickly interrupted. “Plus, I’m older than you, so I have to look out for you.”
Her gaze studied him for a moment. He shifted uncomfortably under her probing scrutiny.
“You know, Liam. Those excuses are sounding weaker and weaker every time.”
She inched forward, going up on her knees until she was so close he could feel her soft, warm breath on his face. The tiny freckles on her nose were so close he could count them. Fifteen, he knew there were fifteen because, idiot that he was, he’d been counting them for years.
“You’re not that much older than me, and just because I’m someone’s sister does not mean I’m not a woman.” Her hands snaked around his neck. “A woman with needs and desires.”

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Book Blitz & Giveaway: Ruin of the Gods (The Elysium Legacies #3) by Erin Hayes (Adult, Fantasy, Mythology, Paranormal)

Ruin of the Gods
Erin Hayes
(The Elysium Legacies, #3)
Publication date: October 8th 2017
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Mythology
Hell hath no Fury.
Because she’s taking a vacation.
Officer Tessa Forney is a brilliant cop with a fiery temper and a predilection for toeing the line of the law. She’s good at her job too, much to the chagrin of her by-the-book partner Raph. She just always seems to be at the right place at the right time. 
What Raph doesn’t know is that Tessa is actually Tisiphone, one of the Furies of ancient Greek mythology. After breaking up with her boyfriend of five-thousand-years because he cheated on her—bastard—Tisiphone is determined to take her anger out on the bad guys during her extended mortal vacation. 
But when too many gods and goddesses suddenly decide to take time off, the balance of nature is thrown into disarray. And the consequences are far bigger than Tisiphone could have ever anticipated. 
These gods aren’t going on vacation—they’re being kidnapped. And she will have to find them before it’s too late.
I manage to make my way over to Vidal’s still form as his chest rises and falls with labored breaths. Blood soaks through his shirt, coating him from the wound, and a puddle of blood grows beneath him.
As I pull up to him, I realize that he’s still conscious. His eyes roam over me, taking in my green reptilian skin, before he blinks painfully.
“F…orney?” he grunts. “What…the fuck…was that?”
And he blissfully passes out. I have the presence of mind to camouflage myself enough to appear human again as I hold him to me and teleport directly to the hospital. I whirl on the first bewildered person I see as I shout, “Someone help me! Officer down!”

Author Bio:
Sci-fi junkie, video game nerd, and wannabe manga artist Erin Hayes writes a lot of things. Sometimes she writes books. 
She works as an advertising copywriter by day, and she's an award-winning New York Times Bestselling Author by night. She has lived in New Zealand, Hawaii, Texas, Alabama, and now San Francisco with her husband, cat, and a growing collection of geek paraphernalia. 
You can reach her at and she’ll be happy to chat. Especially if you want to debate Star Wars. 


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Release Tour & Giveaway: Stronger by Janet Nissenson (Contemporary Romance)

Title: Stronger (Inevitable #6) 
Author: Janet Nissenson 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 10, 2017 
Cover Designer: Najla Qamber Designs
Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC. 

Cara has an admitted problem with hot men, falling so deeply and so quickly under their spell that she loses a little bit of herself with each toxic relationship that always seems to end badly. Every man in her young life thus far has let her down – her high school sweetheart, a college fling, and most of all her self-centered playboy father. She’s determined not to be a sucker for a handsome face and a hard body any longer, and has stuck to her guns for more than two years. And then she meets Dante.

Dante knows he has no business messing with cute little Cara. For one thing she works for his best friend, and more importantly she’s all kinds of wrong for him – too young, too innocent, too kindhearted. And given the mood he’s in these days – after the woman he was ready to propose to chose her career over him - a sweetheart like Cara should be running as fast as she can in the opposite direction.

But the only place Cara wants to run is right into Dante’s arms and stay a good long while. Will he wind up being the one for her – or is she destined yet again for another heartbreak?


She stared at him, completely at a loss for words, and unable to believe what she’d just heard.  “Huh?  Are you – I mean, you’re actually asking me to – to go out with you?  And, no, I don’t have a boyfriend or anyone I’m seeing, but I thought you did.  I mean,” she corrected herself hastily, miserably aware that she was babbling like a moron by this point, “not that you had a boyfriend, but a girlfriend.  Of course you don’t have a boyfriend, why would you, because you’re about the least likely person I could think of who - ”

Dante placed his index finger over her lips, giving a quick shake of his head.  “It’s okay,” he assured her, the corners of his mouth lifting up into a smile.  “I know what you meant.  And to answer your question – at least, I think there was a question in there somewhere – I’m not currently seeing anyone either.  I, ah, was in a relationship for a long time but that ended a couple of months ago.”

“Oh.  I’m sorry.  I hope I didn’t, um, touch on a sore spot,” she apologized awkwardly.  

“It’s okay,” replied Dante gently.  “I had a rough time of it for awhile, but I’m happy to say that things are finally starting to look up for me.  And I’d be even happier if your answer to my invitation is yes.”

Cara beamed up at him, nodding enthusiastically.  “It is definitely a yes!  I’d love to have dinner with you tomorrow.”

He glanced around anxiously, as though to make sure no one had overheard their conversation.  “That’s great news, Cara.  Though you should probably keep it to yourself, hmm?  I don’t know what the company policy is about employees socializing with clients, but no sense in rocking the boat, is there?”

“Oh!  Oh, gosh, of course!” she agreed.  “I won’t say anything to the others, I promise.”
Dante looked relieved, then extracted a business card from the inside pocket of his suit jacket before picking up a pen from the holder on her desk.  “Why don’t you meet me in the lobby of my office building?” he suggested, scribbling something on the back side of the little card.  “That way we don’t risk running into anyone here.  If you don’t mind, that is.”

“I don’t mind at all,” Cara answered with enthusiasm.  “What time should I meet you?”
“Let’s say six o’clock?  And I can send a car or a taxi to pick you up.”

She shook her head.  “Your office is less than three blocks away, and it’s not supposed to be raining or anything tomorrow.  Besides, I can use the exercise.”

He gave her one of those sexy, flirty little winks that he was wont to do whenever he stopped by the office.  “I wouldn’t say that,” he replied, his dark eyes giving her a brief but all-too-assessing onceover.  “You look very healthy to me, very fit.”

Cara grimaced.  “That’s because I’m usually sitting down when you see me, and you can’t tell how big my ass is from where you’re standing.”

Dante gave a shout of laughter, causing Deepak to glance over in their direction, frowning at having had his concentration disrupted.  Grinning wickedly, Dante lowered his voice.

“You’re very outspoken, aren’t you?” he asked in amusement.  “I like that.  And I have a feeling this is going to be a very interesting dinner.  Now, I’ve got to run, but I wrote my personal cell number on the back of that card.  Give me a call when you’re on your way tomorrow, so I can be waiting for you in the lobby.”

“Okay.”  She picked up the business card and tucked it into her purse for safekeeping.  “I’ll be looking forward to it.”

“Me, too.”  Dante gave the Minnie Mouse balloon another flick.  “And Happy Birthday, Cara.  Though consider tomorrow night the real celebration.”

Janet is a lifelong resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, and currently resides on the northern California coast with her husband Steve and Golden Retriever Max. She worked for more than two decades in the financial services industry before turning her focus to producing running events. She is a former long-distance runner, current avid yoga practitioner, is addicted to Pinterest, likes to travel and read. She has been writing for more than three decades but Serendipity was her first official release in December 2013. There are a total of six full-length books planned in the Inevitable series, along with the upcoming “spin-off” Splendor trilogy.